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Complaint & Claims

Complaint & Claim Email:

Complaints required information
1. User Name and Order ID
2. Why do you make a complaint?
3. What will you complain about, services, products or others?

Claims on Order & Goods
Claims Accepted
1. Order is not delivered.
2. Order is overpaid in Shipping or in System.
3. Missing package or goods or accessories.
4. Damaged package or goods.
5. Wrong items, or not same as in original link from or
6. Problems with Customs in China.

Not Accepted
1. Goods are not sent from us.
2. Technical or Functional defect, for example, sound quality, software not included,etc.
3. Warranty of Items. We do not provide Warranty Service on Any item.
4. Small differences in Color, Clothing tag, Dimensions, etc.
5. Problems with Customs in your country, such as taxes.

Returning Goods
This only happens when the item does not work for you and you want to return it for repairing, or just get a refund (international shipping not included). We only help you to contact seller but we will not take any responsibility to pay for returning or repairing. Refund for returning will be in 2 – 3 working days after we receive your package. Please see more information in Refund Policy.