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  • Material composition: Viscose fiber (viscose) 52.9% polyamide fiber (Jin Guan) 44% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 3.1%
  • Sleeve: Long sleeve
  • Sales channel: Pure electricity supplier (only online sales)
  • brand: Helen Bateman/ Helen Bateman
  • No.: SY55010
  • Garment pattern: Slim
  • style: Commute
  • Commute: Korean
  • Way of dressing: Set head
  • Combination form: singleton
  • Yichang: Routine
  • Collar type: V.
  • Sleeve type: routine
  • pattern: Solid color
  • Style details: Lace Halter
  • Year season: In the winter of 2017
  • Color classification: A body with the goddess seamless sleeve without temperament cashmere cashmere V collar - body and sleeves with cashmere cashmere lady - body with velvet sleeves a thread without small body - elegant cashmere turtleneck and velvet sleeves with velvet butterfly lace collar - body with velvet sleeves with velvet lace body with Peacock cashmere sleeves without cashmere goddess two generation body paragraph - sleeve body mink cashmere cashmere Terry
  • Size: F (for 80 to 130 pounds)