Skin Care & Tools(facial)


An extension of the Shop-From-China concept. In our cosmetics skin care collection, our facial tools pamper your skin and treat it gently, taking your beauty regimen to the next level. Each of our facial treatment tools works together with the products you pair them with, helping them to deliver the results you desire. Here at elf, you’ll find skin care tools for an affordable price that will give your skin a spa-like experience every day!

With our wildly popular Massaging Facial Cleanser at the core of our facial equipment collection, we can offer you the best facial equipment on the market. Featuring silicone tips, this small but mighty facial treatment tool gently yet deeply cleans the skin. Using this tool is the best way to clean the slate after a long day, soothe your skin, and prepare it for treatment. Would you prefer a massage with a more manual touch? It is ideal for relieving tension at any time of day with our simple yet effective Facial Massager. Whenever you need it, simply toss it in your bag and help revitalize your skin within minutes! Be sure to check out our revolutionary, award-winning Massaging Eye Wand Set if tired eyes are a concern. Infuse your eye area with deeply nourishing hydration through perfectly calibrated vibrations and stress-melting heat.

Make your skincare regimen more effective with these facial & skincare tools.

Our high-quality Skincare Tools and Implements will elevate your professional skincare services. Our collection includes extractors, tweezers, brushes, and more designed specifically for skincare professionals. Our tools enable you to deliver exceptional results for your clients using the latest in skincare technology. Make your professional skincare services more effective by shopping now.