Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

Innovation on farms is a never-ending process because all demands must be met in order to get planting and harvesting done in the safest, most productive, and most cost-effective manner possible.

In order to make farming easier, safer, more convenient, and more profitable for farmers, Shop-From-China manufactures agriculture equipment. For farmers, we focus on producing cost-effective and efficient farming equipment that can help them from the stage of planting the seed to storing the harvested harvest.

Our products are designed to improve farm yields while minimizing loss risks. Therefore, we manufacture agriculture equipment and agricultural machinery of high quality and durability.

In Shop-From-China products, seeds are germination and emergence are improved while irregularities and unfavorable conditions are eliminated. In contrast, Shop-From-China products are engineered so that farmers do not have to worry about maintaining a suitable temperature and moisture level. It is possible to trigger the alarm while displaying the temperature and humidity levels on the Alarm DT/HT. In a similar way, the EndZone Fan Controls control the fan according to two set parameters: high and low temperatures.

Harrow with discs

In order to increase their production, farmers should invest in disc harrows as one of their primary tillage implements. During the secondary tillage process, this equipment is also used to break up lumps of soil to provide a rich finish to the seedbed when it’s time to prepare a final seedbed. Once the crop is planted and grown, it can also help farmers control weeds around their plants.

The leveler

As a result of this tractor implement, the soil is leveled, smoothed and the surface is obtained, which creates a moist environment for crops and reduces the consumption of fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and fuel.

In conclusion

With the use of modern agricultural equipment and technology, farming has become more like a science than an art nowadays. Utilizing technology and machinery in agriculture is solely for improving productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.