Smart lighting

With smart lighting options, you can set the mood at any time of day

Smart home lighting is dimmable via remote control and, with several options, via the IKEA Home smart app, so you can create a personalised ambience at any time. Integrate smart integrated lighting such as LED strip lights that can illuminate the bottom of your bed and the headstand for a stylish look. You can easily install LED spotlights inside your cabinets to display your dinnerware collection. Having LED countertop lights allows you to see everything clearly as you prepare a meal. The crisp, soft light of LED wardrobe lighting strips can help you see colors clearly without waking up your partner. When you open the door of your closet or wardrobe, a smart sensor turns on the light. With futuristic light panels, you can create a stunning modern look that makes light the star of the show. You can adjust the temperature by switching between warm and cold modes or via your smart phone. By combining wirelessly controlled smart bulbs with remote-controlled dimmer switches, smart lighting kits make it easy to get started. To adapt to different activities, you can dim your lighting wirelessly. There are nine color settings available on smart light bulbs in addition to being dimmable. Additionally, some kits include control outlets for coffee makers and other small appliances. The smart wireless motion sensor can be set to 30% or 100% brightness, so you can light up a room with smart remote controls and smart wireless motion sensors.

There are several options for smart lights that use energy-efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy and last longer. For special occasions, parties, or just a relaxing night watching music on the couch, turn the lights all the way up when you need to and hit the dimmer switch when the mood calls for it.

Introducing custom lighting for every room in your home to transform get-togethers

Track lighting can be used to trace your child’s racecar or rocket ship bed in gleaming light before running the dimmer switch before bedtime. LED lighting strips placed along the floor are also practical even if the kids do not appreciate them as a nightlight. The lights can also be used in your bedroom or to enhance your den or basement movie theater experience by adding your own theater style tracking lights.

Lighting that is safe, easy to install, and easy to adjust should be applied to the smart home.

They emit much less heat while using less energy, making these smart light LED fixtures ideal for confined spaces and fabrics — for example, the bedroom. It is easy to install, and no electrician is required. If IKEA Home is linked to other devices, you can dim or turn on lights with a wireless remote or voice command.

You can create atmosphere in an instant by connecting your smart lighting

Up to 10 LED smart bulbs or light panels can be controlled with the remote. With the motion sensor, you can control up to 10 light sources to turn on or off automatically. For added convenience, the motion sensors can be set to day or night mode, with the lights turning off after three minutes. It’s not just smart lighting solutions that you can control with IKEA Home smart. In addition to controlling blinds and small appliances with your smartphone, you can also control them using Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home. Visit the IKEA Home smart website to learn more about the product.