Electric Scooters

What are the benefits of buying an eBike?

When riding an electric bicycle, you can exercise, tour, run errands, go to work, or transport children. Further, they are environmentally friendly when used for commuting, errands, and other transportation needs.  Ebikes require little maintenance and are easy to use. The staff at Princeton e-bikes is experienced, helpful, and makes sure you have a great experience.

Do I have enough power to go a long way on a charge?

It depends primarily on how steep the hill is, how much pedaling you do, what speed you use, and the size of the battery on most bikes Shop-From-China sells.

Is it possible to charge my eBike in a short amount of time?

Charging a fully discharged battery takes between two and seven hours depending on the bike’s make, model, and type.

In what way do eBikes differ from bicycles?

We typically sell bikes with a weight of 45-50 pounds, with some bikes weighing more depending on the type, make, and model.

Can you tell me how long the battery lasts?

It is possible to charge a battery 500+ times with good care.

In order to maximize the battery’s life, what maintenance should be performed?

During the winter months, keep the battery 30-60% full and store it inside. Check for frost free conditions and keep temperatures below 90 degrees Fahrenheit while in storage.

Can you tell me how much a replacement battery costs?

Bike batteries typically cost between $400 and $800, depending on their make, model, and type.

My electric bike needs maintenance. What should I do?

In addition to regular bike maintenance, our eBikes need a tune-up every year or so depending on their usage. Princeton eBikes’ bikes typically have motors that last for years without needing maintenance.