Micro low flow Coriolis flow meter


Micro low flow Coriolis flow meter


A micro low flow Coriolis flow meter is a specialized instrument designed to accurately measure the flow rate of small volumes of fluids, typically at low flow rates, using the Coriolis principle. These flow meters are specifically tailored for applications that involve microfluidic systems or processes that require precise measurements of low flow rates.

The Coriolis principle is based on the detection of changes in the momentum of a fluid as it flows through a vibrating tube. In a micro low flow Coriolis flow meter, the fluid is passed through a microchannel or a set of microchannels. These microchannels are designed to be highly sensitive to the fluid’s momentum, allowing for accurate measurement of low flow rates.

One of the key advantages of micro low flow Coriolis flow meters is their exceptional accuracy, even at very low flow rates. They offer high-resolution measurements, typically with accuracies of 0.1% or better. This level of precision is crucial in applications where precise control and monitoring of small liquid volumes are required, such as microreactors, pharmaceutical research, and laboratory analysis.

Micro low flow Coriolis flow meters are also designed to be highly sensitive to changes in flow rates, ensuring rapid response times. This responsiveness is particularly valuable in applications that require real-time flow adjustments or where quick detection of flow changes is critical.

Additionally, these flow meters are designed with compact and miniaturized components, making them suitable for integration into microfluidic systems. Their small size allows for easy installation and integration into limited space environments, enhancing the overall efficiency and functionality of the microfluidic setup.

In summary, micro low flow Coriolis flow meters provide accurate and precise flow rate measurements for small volumes of fluids at low flow rates. They are well-suited for microfluidic applications that require high-resolution measurements, rapid response times, and compatibility with compact setups.

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