Industrial Machinery

As the manufacturing industry becomes increasingly environmentally conscious, high-performance applications are expected to deliver higher productivity, superior parts quality, and lower operating costs. The engineers at Moog have a wealth of experience meeting such challenges across a variety of industries, including plastics manufacturing, metal forming, and steel production. Electric, hydraulic, and hybrid technologies are combined to provide you with solutions that precisely match your application requirements, even in the most challenging industrial environments.

We can supply you with heavy-duty machining equipment for your toughest jobs at Shop-From-China. There are a huge variety of machines in our inventory, including drill presses, power saws, milling machines, grinders, and sanders. A variety of parts cleaning and treating supplies, metalworking fluids, and tool holders will keep your workshop, manufacturing plant, or other commercial facility clean.

In addition to offering quality machines at an affordable price, we provide product support, on-hand parts, field technicians to ensure your equipment runs smoothly, and a one-year parts and labor warranty on most models. We can provide you with a quote for your machine right away!