Test Instruments


As a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, Shop-From-China has always been proud of its progressive attitude. Owned and operated by engineers with extensive product and application knowledge, we deliver a seamless experience when purchasing test and measurement instruments from us.

In the beginning, we were a small business fueled by the belief that we could positively impact the world. We have grown from a small range of products to hundreds of products from some of the industry’s leading brands, including AEMC, FLIR Systems, Kyoritsu, Megger and Testrix Systems. In addition to electrical contractors, utility companies, engineering firms, large corporations, and local, and state government departments, we now cater to a massive number of clients from all types of industries. We now serve the whole of Australia with various instrumentation including cable & pipe locators, drain, sewer & pipe inspection cameras, ground penetrating radar, thermal imaging equipment, power quality equipment and a complete range of industrial test instruments such as low resistance testers, insulation resistance testers and ground resistance testers.

A test instrument or diagnostic test equipment assists users in identifying problems, maintaining vital processes, and solving problems before they disrupt their work or pose a safety risk. Laboratories and industrial facilities use industrial testing equipment such as infrared thermometers and thermal imagers, pressure gauges, analog and digital multimeters, and indoor air quality testers to diagnose and fix problems.

For the design, troubleshooting, and repair of products and devices, we offer all types of electronic test equipment. Almost every electronic testing application can be covered with our handheld, bench, fixed, and portable testing equipment. With oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, decade boxes, bridges, and other instruments, you can capture measurements, verify performance, and conduct analyses. Inductance, capacitance, and resistance can all be measured with one LCR meter. Professional RF test equipment performance can be achieved with our frequency counters and function generators. In the category of electronic instruments, companies such as Fluke, Keysight Technologies, Rigol, and B&K Precision offer proven technologies and innovations.