105mm Nimbus wheels for S3/S3PRO


105mm Nimbus wheels for S3/S3PRO


The UDITER S3 and S3 Pro electric skateboards are compatible with 105mm Nimbus wheels, which are specifically designed to enhance the riding experience and performance of the skateboard.

The 105mm Nimbus wheels offer several advantages for riders. Firstly, their larger diameter provides a smoother ride over various terrains, including rough surfaces and uneven pavement. They are excellent at absorbing bumps and cracks, resulting in a more comfortable and stable riding experience.

Moreover, the larger size of the Nimbus wheels increases the contact area with the ground, resulting in improved traction and grip. This is particularly beneficial when riding at higher speeds or making sharp turns, as it enhances stability and control.

Additionally, the Nimbus wheels have a durable construction that allows them to withstand wear and tear over time, providing long-lasting performance. Their quality materials ensure a reliable and consistent ride, allowing riders to confidently tackle different environments and ride styles.

Overall, the 105mm Nimbus wheels are a valuable upgrade for the UDITER S3 and S3 Pro electric skateboards. They offer enhanced comfort, stability, traction, and durability, providing riders with an improved riding experience and greater versatility.

Read more: https://uditerboard.com/collections/accessories/products/105mm-nimbuswheel-sleeves-kit-for-s3-w3hub

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