90mm Rear Wheals with Hub Motor For S3


90mm Rear Wheals with Hub Motor For S3


The 90mm rear wheels with a hub motor provide a streamlined and sleek design. The motor is integrated within the wheel, eliminating the need for external belt drives or gear systems. This not only reduces the overall weight and size of the skateboard but also improves its aesthetics.

Furthermore, the hub motor offers direct power transmission to the wheels, resulting in smooth acceleration and responsive braking. It provides a more efficient transfer of energy, maximizing the skateboard’s performance and range.

The 90mm wheel size strikes a balance between maneuverability and stability. It allows for quick turns and nimble handling, making it ideal for riders who prioritize agility and responsiveness. Additionally, the smaller wheel size contributes to a lower ride height, enhancing stability and control.

It’s worth noting that the specific hub motor and wheel setup may vary depending on the model and configuration of the UDITER S3 electric skateboard. Therefore, it’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with a knowledgeable retailer to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Overall, the combination of 90mm rear wheels with a hub motor for the UDITER S3 electric skateboard offers a compact and efficient solution that provides smooth acceleration, responsive braking, and a balanced ride experience.

Read more: https://uditerboard.com/collections/accessories/products/hub-motor-for-mini-s3-w3-black

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